What Is Drop Shipping? What Wholesale Suppliers Can You Trust? Comparisons and Tips

I imagine it would be quite a daunting task for someone who has never shipped a car before. Hence I decided to write a short car shipping guide that focus on the most crucial things to take note of based on my experiences.

Car Shipping Quote

The first thing to do is to determine 중국배대지 your budget and then get a shipping quote. I usually get car shipping quotes from five different companies before narrowing my options. If the destination you are shipping to is remote or out of the “common” routes, be prepared to pay a lot more. Common routes are frequently traveled destinations by car shipping companies usually major cities and ports. Some shipping quotes will indicate whether the shipping route is common or out of the way.

Car Shipping Season

I did not realize that car shipping is seasonal until one of the car shipping company told me. Basically, there are some periods in the year where it is actually cheaper to ship your car assuming the destination is the same. It is best to ask the car shipping company about their rates throughout the year. You may realize that by delaying to ship your car by a month or two could save you hundreds of dollars.

When To Pay

I would highly advise you to pay the car shipping fees only after the car is delivered to your destination. The reason being is that some car shipping companies might take their own sweet time to deliver once they have your deposit. They know you have committed to them and unlikely to get another car shipper and will push you around.

Shipping Report

Another reason is that after the car is delivered, you can do an assessment of your car to see if it has been damaged during shipping. The car shipping report will be given to you before the car is shipped. The car shipping report details all the information on your car such as any scratches on the car, meter readings etc.

Use it to compare after the car has been delivered. Some car shipping companies will push you around if you have already paid the money and try to delay or not care about the car. At least, if you have not paid the deposit, you still have some bargaining power.